Destroyed jeans

Mood: “exams got me like”

Destroyed jeans work all year round and are one-hundred percent “me”. They make any outfit a little more down to earth yet sophisticated, with the right cut and fit around the bums. These cost me $30, if I’m not wrong, about three years ago at Valleygirl. That’s right – the uber affordable, fast fashion-forward Valleygirl. They have nylon in them and fit me while I weighed 5 kilos more than what I do now, too. In fact these jeans fit me and my sister at a rather wide range of sizes that they remind me of magic pants from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!


1 thought on “Destroyed jeans”

  1. Destroyed jeans are screaming with a flaming cool factor that suit you so well suzyyy. They say, im not afraid pf a little imperfection, im tough but luxe lolll.

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