Don’t mind me

img_5873Don’t mind me there. I’m just trying to pretend to brush my hair off my face because I don’t know how to pose.

Anyway, here I am, wearing those animal print flats from Sportscraft again, this time with a bit of a twist to what those shoes are typically merchandised with on Sportscraft campaign. (I wouldn’t dress much like the Sportscraft laides because I have a different body to the kind Sportscraft clothes are made for.)

The top is from Zara from 2016, when I was gradually altering my style from no style to “street smart”, per se. The different thickness of white stripes and the light knitted material are what made me buy it, plus the basic black and white hues are so easy to match with any bottoms or outers as a bonus.

The highlight of this outfit is the skirt. The long black lace, see-through skirt seemed to catch my boyfriend’s eyes every time we went to Topshop. (Talking about Topshop, the bag is from its “going-into-administration” sale.) As the black lace covering short denim skirt in Topshop was not quite my piece of cake, I opted for this one from H&M. Did not plan on buying it, but when I saw it on sale for $20, I had to.


Can’t talk about this outfit without giving an honorary mention to my favourite socks in the world. I found them when I was working at David Jones, bought them first only because some sort of stockings were mandatory in uniform and now buy them every time there is a hosiery sale because they are just too cute and soft. They’re really just a mini somethin-somethin for any outfit.


Onto the food. Frankly, these banhmis rank quite high in my list of favourite food in Sydney. They are really fresh and full in flavour, although I have a feeling they don’t taste as what they should originally taste back in Vietnam. I had the porkroll on the right, and the chicken roll with coriander on the left is my boyfriend’s. They’re from the mini porkroll cart in Spice Alley next to Central Park.

By the by, that red streak on my thumb is not blood but red ink.

Silver x navy

Here’s my model – me – posing on Pyrmont Bridge. Ha.

Is there a more classic outfit colour scheme than silver grey and navy? And this outfit has my favourite coordination of fabric materials. Knitted scarf, skirt and socks; cotton tee; and leather espadrilles.

I love minimal style so much I wonder why I used to wear rainbow knee-high socks, ever. 😭 That was 10 years ago though.

Autumn in Honesuckle

Just posing in front of the doll-house-looking building. Everything in Honeysuckle is so picturesque, it is hard to resist photographing every corner of the scenery.

I put on that orange jumper over the pink top when the wind got a bit chilly, but most of the time, the day was warm enough for a sleeveless top even though it was officially autumn in Newcastle, Australia.

On the top level of QVB

Aren’t tipped toe (or cap-toe) style of shoes just the cutest. I guess they are dupes of the infamous Chanel shoes, purchased from Valleygirl as emergency shoes when my Havaianas flip flops tore apart on the street.

And who knew that the top level of QVB was this gorgeous? It is a completely different atmosphere from downstairs, full of retail shops and restaurants.