What am I doing now?

I’m painting, metaphorically. Blogging is painting for me. It’s scary, and I have no idea if this is my calling anymore because frankly my life turned upside down the moment I entered my first Media lecture at UNSW (or graduated with no prospective of jobs nor residency in Australia), but all my aspirations and dreams aside, I do simply want to do this. I want to share the bitsy bobsy things in my life. I enjoy and learn a great deal from nosing into other people’s lives through blogs and vlogs, so hopefully my life gets peeked by others, in a positive way. Let’s see what more thoughts this blogging triggers and what aspects of my life it magnifies. It’ll be an exploration. A fresh start, like that Sata in my short story (although – spoiler alert – Sara is doomed.)

Juice is the new beer

Wearing my new MNG jumper and newly handed-down LV crossbody, plus my fave Topshop jeans and Sportscraft flats, there I am, thrilled and wide-eyed at the juice shop in the city.

The place has a pub vibe for its music and lights, but they serve only juice and coffee! It had a fun ambience, yet the place strangely was filled with sitting down people reading and working on laptops. This kind of juice shops should totally replace all the overabundant cafes these days.

Destroyed jeans

Mood: “exams got me like”

Destroyed jeans work all year round and are one-hundred percent “me”. They make any outfit a little more down to earth yet sophisticated, with the right cut and fit around the bums. These cost me $30, if I’m not wrong, about three years ago at Valleygirl. That’s right – the uber affordable, fast fashion-forward Valleygirl. They have nylon in them and fit me while I weighed 5 kilos more than what I do now, too. In fact these jeans fit me and my sister at a rather wide range of sizes that they remind me of magic pants from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!