Road tripping to Audley Boatshed

After being sick and bedridden for 18 hours on Good Friday, I was finally healthy enough to enjoy the long weekend with my boyfriend and his friends, the five of us.

Driving from Liverpool for a good hour, we listened to music and chatted away in the car. We had decided the Royal National Park as our vague destination, not steering ourselves to any particular point in the large reserve.

Luckily, we ended up at Audley Boatshed, where you can hire boats, canoes, kayaks, aqua bikes and even mountain bikes. We hired a boat to row ourselves for one hour for, I think, $20. Having arrived there at 3:30 pm, we had not much time to play – although we rowed too far and came back to the boat shed only at its closing hour. (They did not charge us for the extra thirty minutes.)

The view was grand. Ten minutes into rowing, we were already in the river with very few people in our sight. The water laid low under and between the trees on its either sides, which made me feel as though I was in one of the Vietnamese jungles that I’ve seen in the movies. I could imagine a crocodile or a rhinoceros presenting itself any second from the tall gregarious water plants, but the water had no life in it at all. I wondered why out loud, but none of my friends had the answer. We rowed in turns, argued who the best rower was and gazed at the nature every time the river took a slight turn. Continuous serenity wrapped us all, dusk falling upon us with subtle breezes, lifting us apart from the busy city egos.

As always, the good time had to come to an end. Sudden hunger, thirst and exhaustion took over the calm of it all, and we hurriedly searched for a place to eat.

The dinner was not of a fancy sort at all, but the day had fulfilled itself in showing us that there is more to it than the hustle and bustle and the Easter bunnies and the eggs. What picturesque world this earth originally was – that is what is etched in our minds from this short holiday today.

I lean back in the car seat on my way home, listening to my new song, Issues by Julia Michaels. We’re back on the rough road.